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Previous Entry I'm new here... Jan. 20th, 2005 @ 05:23 pm Next Entry
I've been a fan of Barack's ever since I saw an interview with him on one of the news channels. I could tell he was something special, and after his speech at the Democratic Convention I was sure of it. He stands for everything I believe a politician should stand for. His appearance on Oprah yesterday only made me respect him more. I found myself cheering to everything he said and wishing I could continue listening to his intelligent and honest perceptive on the state of America, etc. longer than the half hour he was on. Yes, I am in love :) All I talked about to my family yesterday was what an amazing man I think he is. I know he will go far and I can't wait :D His wife Michelle is also an extremely smart and lovely woman, and he has such a beautiful family!

Have any of you read his book? I hadn't known he'd written one until yesterday and I immediately went to my library's website to reserve it, and saw there were two other people waiting on the list. I guess I am not the only fan of his around here ;)
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